About Us

Meet The Candle Maker

Hello! My name is Brittney (Britt). My husband Rob is next to me in the picture. I wanted to give him a quick shout out for all his love & help on this journey.

We are so happy you are here. I started this almost a year and a half ago in my kitchen. I started making candles as a hobby to cope with high functioning anxiety. It was relaxing to create different scents and see the candle come together at the end. I started to gift candles to friends and family. They soon started asking if they were able to purchase more. With no expectations other than to give back to others, Just Add Wine Candle Co. was born.

This candle business no longer "fits" in our kitchen. We now have a dedicated large space in our home to create hand-poured candles with so much love, for each one of our customers.

We are so appreciative for the constant love and support. We hope to continue to grow with you and provide the highest quality candles to your cozy spaces. The power of scent is known to have an amazing impact on mental wellness.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Britt | Owner