Guide To Taking Care of Your Mental Health

“You have to live in your mind for all your life; Make it a nice place to be.” Hello! I am so happy you are here!

Life is like a path. Not a straight path. A path with several curves. The curves have obstacles. The obstacles slow you down and create detours...BUT this is YOUR path. It is how you use these curves and obstacles to grow in making your path a place you love to be all the time.

If you are reading this, you have taken a crucial first step in taking care of your mental health....Recognition. You understand that your mental wellness is important in order to grow and create a happy place for yourself. The next step....Action. This utilizes plant-based supplementation, for the nutrients that support mental and physical health (the gut-brain axis), and habits that take place throughout the day or week to nurture the mind.

Please reach out for some 'tea time.' I would love to share our past (the good, the bad, and the ugly), present (How we feel now), and future (how we will navigate our paths). As we discuss the future, we will determine goals. Based on these goals I will provide necessary products and tips to support mental growth on your path.

Please see below for my simple tips to take care of mental wellness (: Cheers!

10 Tips For Supporting Mental Wellness

1. Mindfulness: Take 10-15 minutes each morning to live in the present without judging yourself. Check out: 101 Ways You Can Be Mindful In Everyday Life

2. Self-Care: Give your mind and body a break by doing something that makes YOU feel good or happy. Check out: 100 Simple Simple Self-Care Ideas When You Need A Reboot

3. Relaxation/Breathing: Find a 5 minute period during your day to close your eyes and be present with your mind and your body. Check out this guided 5 minute meditation: 5 minute deep breathing meditation

4. Supplementation: To give our bodies the best chance to function at their best, we must use supplements to receive the nutrients we do not consume during our daily meals. Check out: Plant-Based Gut & Mind

5. Movement: Moving the body is one of the best ways to decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression, and increases happy hormones that make us feel good. Check out: The Mental Health Benefits of Movement & 6 Best Exercises For Mental Health

6. Connect With God & Others: Spending time with God can be through prayer or in a place of worship. Worshipping God can be done through Music! Spend time with friends and family, make time to catch up or do something fun. Check out: Worship Music & How To Spread Kindness Around You

7. Nutritious Eating Habits: Having a balanced diet is important for mental, emotional, and physical health. Smoothies can be packed with all the nutrients we need to ensure a healthy and nutritious diet. Check out: Healthy Meal Recipes & Healthy Smoothie Recipes

8. Unplug Electronics: Make a deal with yourself to spend 15-60 minutes without TV, phone, computer, etc. Use this time to reflect, relax, catch some vitamin D, etc. Check out: Reasons for A Digital Detox

9. Sleeping: Not getting good or enough sleep can affect our mental health and increase anxiety, stress, and depression. Check out: How Does Sleep Affect Our Mental Health?

10. Believe In You: Use positive affirmations to believe in yourself and take it day by day and step by step as you grow and become the best version of yourself. Check out: Positive Self Affirmations

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